Monday, January 8, 2007

Strength Training

Welcome to my strength training blog! You'll learn all about effective, safe strength training for any sport, and how anyone--regardless of age or fitness--can get healthier, more fit, and most importantly stronger from a well-designed strength training program.

Why "Classical Strength" as a title? Well, I've always looked to the strongmen of the early 1900s like Eugene Sandow , Arthur Saxon and old-time bodybuilders like John Grimek, Marvin Eder, and Steve Reeves for inspiration. These guys were drug-free (steroids hadn't been invented yet!) and in many cases extraordinarily strong as well as being great athletes with excellent, leanly muscled physiques. Grimek, for instance, was the first Mr America, and was known for his acrobatic abilities--like performing a standing backflip and landing in a full split. He also squatted over 600 his 60's!

"Classical Stregth Training" is my methodology for training myself as well as the athletes I coach. It means following the training methods and health-oriented philosophies of these strength training and bodybuilding pioneers--and refusing to buy into the drug-fueled, superficial culture of modern bodybuilding and so-called fitness. As a physical training method, it's simple and cheap--the equipment for most programs can usually be had for less than most yearly gym memberships ( most programs only require an Olympic barbell set and some extra plates, plus a few other essentials!), or you can simply make do at your local gym. Sandbags, dumbells, kettlebells and the like round out the list....but most are not absolutely necessary.

I'll also be reviewing a steady stream of products, including equipment, books, and DVDs--so that YOU won't spend your hard-earned money on inferior strength training gear or the latest "flavor of the month".


Trainers said...

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nigel said...
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dancilhoney said...

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Steve brown said...

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